School psychologist assists schools and preschools with psychological skills and psychological interventions to promote pupils' learning and development.

Special Needs Teachers

Sometimes the tools used are not enough. Special needs teachers can then help pupils, teachers and the principals at the school to find ways to remove the barriers that prevent students who find it difficult to cope with their studies.


The school counsellor assists with psychosocial knowledge to promote student learning and development.

Career Guidance Counsellor

ISH has a Career Guidance Counsellor, or Career Advisor (also known as SYV in Swedish), employed to make sure the students’ needs in regards to guidance and information about the options after MYP and DP are met. All students in MYP and DP are welcome to book an individual meeting with the Career Advisor and parents are welcome as well.

School Nurse and School Doctor

Every student in Helsingborg’s city schools has access to school nurses and school doctors. The school nurse and the school doctor provide advice and support for the child/adolescent to develop, maintain well-being and succeed with their goals in school.